General Management

The program would help the participants, build good relationships at work, communicate effectively and succeed in the job. Further it would help to get the things done in a business organization effectively and efficiently

The workshop would help the organization determine the importance of having effective leaders at their workplace; which in turn would empower and influence people to achieve business and team goals.

Aside from adapting to a new role with increased responsibilities, new managers must learn to be leaders and explore how to communicate effectively with employees, fellow managers, and senior executives. The workshop would help them learn everything they need to know as a new manager to lead a team effectively, coach with confidence and make better decisions, in this comprehensive course bundle.

The objective of this workshop is to make participants identify key competencies of their organization and incorporate them in various processes, making the business more efficient and effective. This would further help increase employee productivity and efficiency, thus helping business as a whole.

Having a well trained workforce will help move an organization towards an integrated conflict management system. Whether through interpersonal skills, training, or managerial mediation training, an organization will be better equipped to deal with the inevitable conflict that will arise, and that this will help to increase the productivity.

Emotional intelligence is applicable to every human interaction: from staff motivation to customer service, from brainstorming to company presentations. The employees need to set the goals as per the requirement of the organization. It affects the everyday decision employers make, such as promoting, hiring and training of employees.

As team building helps in improving organizational effectiveness and efficiency, the workshop shall help the employees to connect to the organization and would give impetus to work together to share a common interest or goal.

The workshop shall help the organization to reduce workplace stress, contributing to long-term employee happiness, their retention and maximum productivity

Time management has a huge effect on the performance and productivity in the workplace. Not only it enhances the efficiency of employees, but also helps the organisation to meet deadlines, produce better quality work.

Personal life is equally important to an individual as his professional life. Creating a balance between his personal interests, family, social or leisure activities and his work life, is what this workshop is designed to achieve. Satisfied employees will lead to the Organization’s increase in revenue, would cut unnecessary expenses, and improve the organization’s reputation


The Analytics for All program aims to develop an understanding of business analytics and its importance in taking managerial decisions. It will also aid participants to analyze and solve business problems from varied industries such as manufacturing, service, retail, sports etc. The course consists of two basic modules. Case-based teaching will be used for these modules.

This programme will provide participants with an overview of the concepts and advanced techniques in statistics and data mining that are in use in the above domains of business. It will focus more on the application of the techniques. Also, there will be enough hands-on sessions to make the participants get a feel of it.

Financial Management

This workshop enables professionals, especially from functional areas other than finance such as sales, marketing, human resource, research and development, production, procurement, to gain an extensive working knowledge of critical financial principles in an easy-to-follow manner, enabling them to make critical business decisions involving cost-savings, budgets, new projects decisions, growth strategies and so on. Participants are able to understand and analyze financial statements as well as grasp the basic fundamentals of finance and accounting.

The workshop aims to provide cutting edge knowledge in the frontiers of Mutual fund investments and its industry. More precisely the program equips the participants with the essentials of investments, including the estimations risk & returns, mutual fund investments and their operations, fees and tax structure and various styles of asset allocation. The program also covers the wealth optimization strategies coupled with the various factors affecting the measurement of performance of mutual funds and also highlights the various fund performance evaluation tools. At the end of the program, the participant should be able to feel friendly with information reported by various mutual fund houses to their clients and hence make informed decisions.

Operations Management

The objective of this training program is to train the participants on the intermediate level skills in analysing and improving processes using the Six Sigma approach. Upon completion of this training, the participants will be able to 

– Work with management to set up process improvement projects. 

– Lead a project team to execute improvement project. 

– Apply the tools learned in day-to-day works.

Project Management is one of the key areas that require maximum attention from the management. With organizations shifting to “mission mode” operations, the skills for completing these tasks within specified time and cost limits are on the rise. The non-repetitive, irreversible nature of activities and huge capital investment make the knowledge of scientific and advanced skills mandatory for proper management of projects. The number of tasks and their interrelationship is very complex even in the case of a small project resulting in cost and time overruns. This Project Leadership Programme looks at various facets of designing and managing complex projects and illustrates how a good project management practices can result in high performing projects.

This programme will help participant focus on the issues related with the management of resources both in the context of production of goods and services. The participants will be sensitized towards understanding of how to gain competitive advantage through operations. The content and deliverables include rigorous analysis on different kinds of business processes, how they align customer requirement and explains how to measure key process parameters like capacity, lead time etc.