About Us

1. Profile –

Swachi a collaboration between two like-minded individuals, from diverse fields, who want to facilitate learning to today’s workforce by adding value to their personal and professional outlook. It brings in a unique platform to cater to the employability skills to help enhance human connections.

Traditionally, Indian education system has given more importance to technical learning, ignoring thereby other important behavioral and soft skills. The current job market is bright and blooming with tremendous opportunities. This coupled with the demand supply gap for quality workforce in the market has led to intense competition for each position. With millions of students graduating each year, it is imperative that the quality of employable professionals be harnessed. Keeping this in mind, an array of facilitation services tailored to meet the three-fold purpose i.e. to equip the students; the professionals and the trainers, is proposed under Swachi.

2. Vision – 

Bring out the power within oneself through futuristic learning and training, making the professionals inter-disciplinarily and ethically strong. We enhance knowledge and skills with high-quality, accessible training and professional development opportunities.

3. Mission – 

Establishing a system for manpower training for their social development to support our vision of making people realize the power within themselves.